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Today, Canon introduced the world’s first full-frame DSLR with movie-mode, the EOS 5D Mark II. This 21 megapixels DSLR is a relatively compact full-frame to replace the aging 5D and compete with this year’s full-frame models from Nikon and Sony, the D700 and A900 respectively. Note that because the 5D Mark II features a full-frame sensor, it does not compete directly with the recently announced Nikon D90 which is the only other DSLR to record movies.

Headline features of the 5D Mark II undoubtedly include its 21 megapixels full-frame sensor and its 1080p HD movie-recording mode. Plus, this DSLR features ISO 50-25600, 4 FPS continuous shooting, the latest 3″ 920k pixels LCD, a bright 98% coverage viewfinder, a weatherproof body, live-view, built-in dust reduction, a microphone input connector and HDMI output.

Recently announced DSLR cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony show that times are getting quite interesting. Although there is still competition in terms of megapixels, frames-per-second and ISO limits, we are now seeing more widely differentiated products. Particularly, Canon has the only full-frame DSLR with movie-mode  and Nikon has the only cropped-sensor (1.5X FLM) with movie mode. The former records at 1080p, the highest HD resolution, and the latter records at 720p which is a lower-resolution which still qualifies as HD. Sony on the other hand does not have a movie-capable DSLR but has the highest resolution DSLR and the only full-frame one to feature built-in stabilization. So, while there exists stabilization, a 100% coverage viewfinder, movie-mode and live-view, among full-frame DSLRs, you can get at most 2 of these features in a single camera. Choose wisely!

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