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Swiss lens maker IRIX has been just added to Neocamera. They are a recent lens manufacturer offering manual-focus full-frame lenses for Canon EF, Nikon F and Pentax K mounts. All their current offerings are now in our database and can be listed here.

Irix 11mm F/4 Blackstone

Two years ago they introduced the 15mm F/2.4 and last year they added an 11mm F/4 lens with virtually no distortion. Each lens is manufactured for all three mounts and available in two versions: Blackstone and Firefly. Optically these are the same lens with different constructions, one lightweight and one more durable with UV Reactive Markings for use in the dark. All versions are fully weatherproof.

Irix 15mm F/2.4 Blackstone

These lenses were on display at Photo Plus Expo last week in New York City. They fell very durable and have very precise focusing rings. The 11mm is both extremely sharp and shows no distortion at mid-size prints.

As the number of lens manufacturers and mounts has been growing, the camera and lens listing interfaces and menus have been revamped at Neocamera. Instead of one exceedingly long list for each, a new menu-bar with drop-downs for each of brand, mount and crop-factor for lenses and brand, size, type and status for cameras. Menus have been all sorted alphabetically to make searching easier, instead of the previous ordering based on popularity.

Neocamera is now exclusively available via secure connection, concluding its BETA period. Insecure connections are redirected. Shortly Neocamera Blog will be scheduled to go over the same transition.

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