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Venus just launched the widest rectilinear lens ever made with full-frame coverage. Their new Laowa 9mm F/5.6 FF RL covers a spectacular 135° angle-of-view which is unmatched by any rectilinear lens on any format. This extremely wide prime lens has a F/5.6 maximum aperture which stops down manually to F/22 for a truly extensive depth-of-field. This lens is entirely manual with a mechanical focus-ring which moves the focusing plane from 12cm to infinity.

The Venus Laowa 9mm F/5.6 FF RL covers the widest-angle-of-view while preserving straight lines to produce images with a previously unseen perspective. The unusually dim maximum aperture for a prime lens allows the optics to be kept light, making the lens weigh just 350g and being only 6.3cm long. Its close-focusing capability allows this 9mm lens to offer a 0.21X magnification.

Venus is producing Sony E, Nikon Z and Leica L versions of this lens for $800 USD plus a Leica M version of $900 USD. While the lens is not threaded for filters to avoid vignetting, there is a compatible 100mm magnetic filter-holder which which Venus is giving for free with the first 100 orders.

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