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Venus just launched a new 14mm lens for Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Cameras in their Zero-D family of ultra-wide lenses prime lenses with no optical distortion. It provides a middle ground somewhere between the incredibly wide 9mm Zero-D and the still quite wide 15mm Zero-D.

Venus Laowa 14mm F/4 FF RL Zero-D

The new Venus Laowa 14mm F/4 FF RL Zero-D is delivers an extremely wide 114° angle-of-view to capture architecture and sweeping landscape without any distortion. This prime lens is completely manual with an aperture-ring and long throw focus-ring with a depth-of-field scale. Give its 27cm minimum focus-distance, it gives a low 0.07X maximum magnification.

Venus designed this to be one of the smallest ultra-wide lenses on the market. It measures just 58mm wide and 59mm long, while weighing only 228g. Its solid metal barrel ends in a builtin lens hood with 52mm filter-thread.

This new lens is designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras and comes in three mounts: Sony E, Nikon Z and Leica L, all with Full-Frame coverage.

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