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Tokina ATX-M F/1.8 FE

Tokina unveiled their first lens of a new series. The new Tokina ATX-M 85mm F/1.8 FE is a bright prime short telephoto lens designed for Sony E-mount digital cameras. This lens provides Full-Frame coverage yet is also compatible with APS-C models with the usual 1.5X crop-factor which makes it equivalent to a 130mm lens. The ATX-M series is intended for lenses explicitly designed for mirrorless cameras with full communication and support for unhindered autofocus. In fact, the lens is completely controlled electronically with no switch on the lens to use MF.

This prime lens is designed with specifications licensed from Sony instead of reverse-engineering which ensure greater compatibility than many third-party lenses. The focal-length is transmitted to the camera body so that image-stabilization in the camera can work without user input. The lens itself is not stabilized as that is completely unnecessary on nearly every Sony mirrorless.

The ATX-M 85mm F/1.8 FE focuses down to 80cm from the sensor which gives a small 0.12X magnification ratio. It uses a stepping motor which is relatively quiet for use during video capture. Noise in movements are further minimized by an internal focusing system. Although the new Tokina ATX-M 85mm F/1.8 FE has a premium finish, its specification show a mid-class lens which omits weather-sealing and any controls other than the focus-ring. This allows Tokina to sell this model for just $500 USD which is 20% lower than the actual Sony-made version.

Both Adorama and B&H Photo are already accepting pre-orders with expectation sot ship within a month. As always, these reputable places will not charge your credit-card until the item ships.

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