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Neocamera Just published a review of the ThinkTank StreetWalker camera backpack. This is a lightweight backpack to carry photographic gear in busy urban environments. It was used over the last 3 months with a variety of DSLRs and lenses, from compact to professional and proved to be extremely comfortable and feel much lighter than it is.

As someone who normally used shoulder-bags for their ease of access, it was great to feel how much lighter all that photography equipment feels with a well-designed and exceptionally comfortable backpack. Particularly when hiking and doing other physical activities, having the entire weight balanced and out of the way is very helpful.  As a matter of fact, during the first few days I kept checking the backpack to see if something was missing because it felt that light!

As usual with ThinkTank products, the build quality and attention to details are exemplary. There are plenty of configuration options including optional tripod strap, belt, chest strap and rain cover. It all works together seamlessly without compromising comfort.

Read the review to found learn more about it. I may have mentioned it is very comfortable a few times there too 😉

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