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Over the weekend, Think Tank announced 3 accessories for camera bags. Unlike most manufacturer of camera bags, Think Tank keeps most pockets on camera bags free form to maximize versatility. This lets people choose the right type of organizer depending on which accessories they carry.

Think Tank Accessories

First up, is the Pixel Rocket Limited Edition. A wallet-type organizer for up to 10 Compact Flash or XQD cards.  This CF card carrier was manufactured in a one-time production run and will be discontinued once inventory runs out. It truly is a one-time limited edition. Given how valuable images in the Pixel Rocket are likely to be, it comes with a sturdy strap and clip.

Second is the Pro DSLR Battery Holder. This one is designed to snugly fit two batteries of most professional DSLRs, except for the highest-end models like the Nikon D4 reviewed here. It flattens completely when empty.

Lastly is the Low Rider Strap which helps drag two wheeled bags by attaching them together. With the Low Rider Strap photographers simply slip the split pad design over the handle of their rolling luggage and tighten the side straps. Once having done so they are now able to haul two bags with a far lower and stable center of gravity.

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