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New digital cameras are launched, old ones get replaced and manufacturers transform old production lines into new ones. Such is the cycle of cameras.

After each launch we quickly add cameras to our database so that people can find them by features or specifications. However, as the database grows, more and more search results return cameras which are nowhere to be found. Therefore to identify cameras are no longer produced by their manufacturer, Neocamera is introducing its newest icon. the ghost of past cameras:


This icon will eventually appear next to discontinued lenses too. Keep in mind that discontinued cameras may still be available in stores while quantities last and may present excellent values when found in liquidation or on the used market.

To make space for the ghost of past cameras, the Dust Reduction icon is being retired. Almost all current DSLRs and SLDs feature a dust-reduction system now and the icon became too repetitive. Specifications and the fact boxes will still mention dust-reduction when a camera supports that feature.

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