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The numbers are in and July 2013 marks the first time Neocamera reaches a million page-views in a single month, with just over 1,200,000 pages viewed by visitors at the closing of the month. Whoever you are and wherever you are visiting from, thank you! Thank you for making Neocamera a success and a trusted source for information and reviews of digital cameras.

Neocamera has evolved considerably since its launch just over 7 years ago. While we went through ups and downs, this year has seen explosive growth. Some of it was expected because the market of digital cameras is more complex than it ever was. There are now more types of digital cameras which offer different compromises in terms of image quality, speed and form-factor, making decisions tougher than ever.

Certain changes though yielded more impressive results than imagined. The floating menu-bar for example, led to a dramatic drop in bounce-rate because visitors always have somewhere else to go to. The publication of shorter reviews, some just one or two pages long, as opposed to the standard three, meant people read more of them. Both the camera search and lens search engines are extremely popular now since they let visitors easily find cameras or lenses with a given set of specifications or features.

As we continue 2013, expect plenty more reviews and continued coverage of digital cameras and lenses from every major manufacturer. Great news is coming and Neocamera will continue to offer its own unique and balanced perspective. Stay tuned and keep taking amazing photos!

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