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Sony FE 12-24mm F/2.8 GM

Already having the superb Sony FE 12-24mm F/4G as the widest constant-aperture rectilinear zoom for Full-Frame, Sony took things to the next level this morning with the new Sony FE 12-24mm F/2.8 GM that is a full-stop brighter. This ultra-high-end G Master lens is designed to deliver critical optical performance across the frame which covers up to a 122° angle-of-view.

Looking like an enlarged version of the FE 12-24mm F/4G which is a surprisingly light lens, the new Sony FE 12-24mm F/2.8 GM is actually not much heavier at 847g. This provides it with its headline F/2.8 maximum aperture, new dual linear focusing motors and support for rear gel-filters, since no lens this wide can support front-mounted ones. Filters are expected to be cut-out of gel following and include guide.

As all GM lenses, this one is fully weatherproof. It features a wide zoom ring and focus ring with linear response, a customizable button  and focus-mode switch. Rear gels are mountable directly behind the lens which requires detaching the lens from the camera. A builtin petal-type hood protects the humongous front element which is coated to repel water and oil. Internal surfaces have optimized coatings to minimize flare.

The brand new Sony FE 12-24mm F/2.8 GM is scheduled to ship next month for $3000 USD or $4000 CAD. Adorama and B&H Photo are already accepting pre-orders for this magnificent lens. As always, neither of these reputable camera stores will charge your credit card until the lens is shipped to you.

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