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In advance of Photokina 2016, a number of lens manufacturers have announced Cinema lenses designed for professional videography using DSLRs and mirrorless digital cameras. These lenses are characterized by externally mechanical gears to drive focus and zoom smoothly. Sony joined the party with a new Power Zoom model, allowing for smooth user-controlled change of focal-length from the lens directly.

Sony E PZ 18-110mm F/4G OSS

The new Sony E PZ 18-110mm F/4G OSS is designed for E-mount mirrorless cameras with an APS-C sensor and covers an equivalent 27-165mm focal-range. It offers a constant F/4 maximum aperture throughout the zoom range. The optical formulation of this lens features internal zoom and focus mechanisms to prevent focus-breathing and stay stable while either is being changed. The focus drive can be switch on the lens between Manual and Servo control, allowing for both automatic and manual operation.

This video lens incorporates a optical image stabilization to make videos less shaky and images sharper. An optional tripod collar allows for even greater stability, considering this lens is heavier than most mirrorless cameras. The front of the lens supports 95mm screw-on filters which are becoming a common among Cinema lenses.

The Sony E PZ 18-110mm F/4 G OSS is scheduled to ship this November for $3500 USD or $4500 CDN.

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