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Today, Sony unveiled their 5th adapter to connect A-mount lenses to E-mount cameras. The new LA-EA5 joins the capabilities of all previous adapters in a new compact form-factor with absolutely no loss of image-quality. Like at LA-EA3 and LA-EA4, the new adapter is Full-Frame capable. Like the LA-EA2 and LA-EA4, it can also autofocus mechanically but unlike those two, it does not divert any light away from the sensor so that autofocus is performed by the camera rather than the adapter.

Sony LA-EA5

The Sony LA-EA5 adapter allows any A-mount lens to be used with full capabilities on any E-mount camera. When the body offers Phase-Detect AF, it will be used to autofocus the attached lens. When the lens does not feature an internal focus motor, the adapter will drive focus mechanically. Otherwise, it will power the internal SAM or SSM autofocus motor. Given that there is no semi-transparent mirror within the adapter, all light reaches the sensor to maintain maximum image-quality.

Availability of the LA-EA5 is scheduled for next month at a suggested price of $250 USD or $330 CAD.

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