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Sony just introduced the Sony NEX VG10 Handycam, the first consumer video camera with interchangeable lenses. The VG10 for short takes the same E Mount lenses as Sony NEX cameras introduced earlier.  It is also built around the same 14 megapixels CMOS sensor, allowing for ISO 200 to 12800 and 1080i HD video recording. The encoding is slightly different with a 24 Mb/s rate for higher quality video. Compared to other Sony Handycam video cameras, the VG10 first brings higher  quality and cinematic depth-of-field due to its larger sensor.

The real news is that there are now still and video cameras which can share interchangeable lenses. Although the previous NEX cameras can record video too, the form-factor and feature set is not optimal for video use. The VG10 Handycam is designed for video first with outstand audio quality using a new quad-capsule microphone and support for  external stereo input. It is also equipped with both a movable 3″ LCD and high-resolution EVF for greater stability.

This and future E-Mount video camera will let people build and invesestment of lenses to serve both still and video purposes. Generally speaking the value of lenses quickly exceed the value of a still camera. The same will probably be true of a video camera. So, having the lenses shared between two bodies would be a cost-worthy solution.

The Sony NEX VG10 Handycam will be available in early September for $2000 and will be sold as a kit with an 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 optically stabilized lens.

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