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Earlier, the full-review of the Sony’s new flagship ultra-zoom, the Cybershot DSC-H9 was posted at Neocamera. This is an advanced camera with a 15X optical zoom, an 8 megapixels sensor and full-manual controls.

Since we were the first to post a review of this camera, the express review was also posted for it, although it only has a single source of information. The conclusion is simple. It is a good camera, but it does have some flaws. Every camera does. That does not mean you cannot take great photographs with the H9. Vice-versa, the fact that you can take great pictures with a camera does not mean it is not flowed either. The goal of the review, like all reviews, is to have readers understand the limitations of each camera and decide for themselves if they are acceptable to them. So, read the review to see what we found about it.

PS: Some people already asked how come we found some flaws on such a great camera. I guess we forgot to mention it is not a DSLR! Then again, even if we did, it might have had some flaws too 😉

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