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Just a few days after Sony announced their new SLD on the US, Sony Canada has done the same and confirmed availability of the Sony Alpha SLT-A57 this April at a suggested price of $699 CDN.

The SLT-A57 is the successor to the A55, the world’s first SLD to use a translucent mirror which gives its family the unique ability to focus and meter during exposure, enabling up to 12 FPS continuous drive with autofocus and full HD video capture with ultra-fast phase-detect autofocus. The A57 uses the same extremely good 16 megapixels CMOS sensor but packs it in a more ergonomic and better build body, similar to the higher-end SLT-A65 which uses a 24 megapixels sensor instead.

The Alpha SLT-series also distinguishes itself by having the largest sensor among SLDs, tied with the Pentax K-01 and the Fuji X-Pro1 which have just been introduced. Like the K-01 which shares the same sensor as the A57, Sony SLT cameras feature built-in image stabilization and a legacy mount which supports an extensive collection of modern lenses which use the Sony Alpha mount, previously acquired from Konica-Minolta.

The new member of the Alpha SLT lineup features an ultra-sharp 1.4 megapixels EVF with Live-View allowing to shoot continuously both images and videos with the camera at eye-level. A fast mechanical shutter which sustains 12 FPS ensures evenly exposed images under all conditions.

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