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DxOMark revealed their image-quality scores for the 36 megapixels Sony Alpha A7R full-frame mirrorless camera this week. Recall that the A7R is the smallest full-frame digital camera ever made, regardless of type, and it packs a high-resolution CMOS sensor without anti-alias filter like the Nikon D800E DSLR. One can compare the A7R and D800E here.

Sony Alpha A7R

The incredible achievement is that the A7R not only weighs less than half of the D800E, it is considerably smaller. It also packs a faster processor which can shoot up to 5 FPS (vs 4 FPS for the DSLR) and both these full-frame cameras are weather-proof too! While these are not the same type of camera, if either one is suitable for your needs, the bulk saving offered by the A7R is substantial.

What DxOMark found is that the A7R nearly performs on par with the D800E with a score of 95 for the Sony versus 96 for the Nikon. One might have expected it to do even better since it is newer but there are invariably other factors such as the processor and heat-dissipation. This tiny discrepancy should not be noticeable without inspecting a print of maximum size rather closely.

Looking at the metrics which DxOMark published here, it there has to be  a fraction amount more noise on the A7R which reduces effective dynamic-range from 14.3 EV to a still superb 14.1 EV. No doubt that image-quality is not the differentiating factor between these two cameras.

Those who are considering a mirrorless should be very happy with these results. This makes the Sony Alpha A7R even more attractive as its image-quality as been endorsed by an independent benchmark. Supply of this digital camera is expected to be tight, so preorder the A7R to get it quickly. Amazon, Best Buy, Adorama and B&H Photo are all still accepting pre-orders.

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