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Sony Alpha A700The Sony Alpha A700 now has a full-review posted at Neocamera. This is the first of a new generation of 12 megapixels cropped-sensor DSLR cameras. Already for this one the results in terms of performance and image quality are good. Nikon will follow soon with its D300 aimed at even more advanced users. Pentax is expected to make an announcement shortly, presumably using the same Sony sensor as the Sony A700 and Nikon D300.

Interestingly, roughly 3 years ago, Nikon announced the D2X, the first 12 megapixels cropped-sensor DSLR. It retailed for just under $5000 USD and supported ISO sensitivities up to 800. Just under a year and a half ago, Nikon refreshed that model with the D2Xs that kept the same sensor and 5 FPS full-resolution continuous shooting but added an 8 FPS 6.8 megapixels cropped drive. Today, the Sony Alpha A700 sells for under $1500 and has ISO sensitivities up to 6400. That’s how technology progresses. Its fun to imaging what will we have in three more years.

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