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Not that much behind other reviews, the full-review of the Sony Alpha A200 was posted on Neocamera yesterday. This is Sony’s new entry-level DSLR which features improvements over the A100 on image quality and performance while providing a simpler and more restrictive interface.

What is interesting here is that Sony has superseded one model with a less capable one in terms of features. Since Sony still has a more advanced model, in the form of the Alpha A700, they are increasing the feature-gap between the low-end and high-end Alpha DSLR cameras. At the same time Sony has produced an entry-level model which performs very well in terms of image quality and speed of operation.

This emphasizes that the distinction between low-end and high-end models comes more from capabilities than from performance. Even between Canon’s Digital Rebel XTi and their EOS 40D, the major difference comes from features and ergonomics, rather than image quality. Olympus has 3 cameras with the same or nearly-identical sensors: the E-410, E-510 and the E-3. These three cameras are sold at different price-points based on their feature-set, even though image quality is not that different between them.


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