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The full-length review of the Sony Alpha A100 was just posted at Neocamera. This review adds much more depth to the information already included in this DSLR camera’s express review and hands-on preview. In this review, as with all our full-reviews, we concentrate on usability and the experience of using the digital camera. Image quality is analyzed under expected viewing conditions, like full-screen viewing and various print sizes, but it is not scrutinized under a magnifying glass. The Sony Alpha A100 is a very interesting DSLR which provides several unique features among a well thought-out feature set. In our full-review, we emphasize the features and capabilities which distinguish this camera from its competitors.

Not only is the Alpha A100 one of the most popular digital SLRs, it is also one of the most reviewed cameras with over 10 professional reviews. The common theme among those reviews is that this is an excellent camera with above average image noise at high-ISO. Some readers have asked how that is possible. The brief answer is that reviews are about what a camera can do as much as they are about what it cannot do. As such, the Sony Alpha A100 is an excellent cameras with some unique capabilities and outstanding ergonomics. Ultimately the Alpha A100 proved to be a fantastic tool for those who do not need high-ISO. After all, there are some significantly more expensive medium-format digital cameras which do not even have ISO settings above 400. That does not mean they are not good cameras, only that they cannot do everything. The same goes for the Alpha A100!

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