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The big news today is the Pentax Ricoh GR which is a direct competitor to the Nikon Coolpix A. It possibly uses the same 16 megapixels CMOS sensor without anti-alias filter and pairs it with a 28mm F/2.8 equivalent prime lens, just like the A. This premium compact manages to stay slim while offering plenty of controls, including dual control-dials and a traditional mode-dial with the addition of Pentax’s own TAv mode.

Pentax Richo GR

The new Pentax Ricoh GR is modeled after older Ricoh cameras, yet it manages to stay virtually the same size while fitting in a much larger sensor. The ergonomics and control-system are clearly inherited from Ricoh, this looks like one of their better designed models but we have yet to see any such models here.

Pentax Ricoh GR

There is a 3″ LCD with a whopping 1.2 megapixels which serves as the only viewfinder for the GR. As one can see, this camera has a substantial grip for its size and an impressive number of controls.

The Pentax Ricoh GR is scheduled to be available in May for a suggested retail price of $799, making it the cheapest APS-C compact camera to date, yet will more pricey than entry-level DSLRs. It can be preordered immediately from B&H Photo.

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