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Pentax K20DThe successor to the immensely successful Pentax K10D has just been reviewed at Neocamera. This is the Pentax flagship DSLR sporting a 14.6 megapixels CMOS sensor with the usual 1.5X crop-factor. Headline features include ISO 100 to 6400, including an expanded dynamic-range mode, built-in image stabilization, rain-worthy weatherproof body, dust-reduction, dust-detection and the requisite live-view. The only thing missing from the K20D is a full-resolution high-speed continuous drive. Anyone who is not a sport photographer should definitely take a look at the Pentax K20D.

Nearly every K10D owner is probably asking himself if he should upgrade to to the K20D. Since most changes are evolutionary and nearly all camera controls remain identical, we highlight in green every time the two cameras did something different. For completeness, all functionality differences between the Pentax K20D and K10D are enumerated in the last page of the review as well.

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