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Earlier today, Pentax released firmware version 1.2 for the K10D. According to their website, only one change is listed:

  • Correspond to PENTAX REMOTE Assistant 3

This change coincides with the release of the Pentax Remote Assistant 3. This adds interesting capabilities to the K10D including a post-shot preview on a computer screen. Although the software only allows two sizes for the preview window: small and tiny. The larger of the two sizes is available by selecting Separate screen display under the view menu. On a small laptop, the smaller size is not very different from the K10D’s LCD. Why no window in that software can be resized is a mystery.

There is the possibility that Pentax has included more changes it the 1.2 firmware, as hinted by the manual they ship with recent lenses. Here is an extract from page 8:

Pentax Lens Manual - Page 8

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