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Today Pentax unveiled the K-30 which brings high-end features at an unprecedented price point. Pushing the limits of what a mid-range DSLR can do, the Pentax K-30 pairs its ultra-low-noise 16 megapixels CMOS sensor with a body that include a 100% coverage viewfinder, dual-control dials and a fully weather-sealed body which is freezeproof to -10C. 100% coverage viewfinders have never been this affordable and worth at least half the suggested price of this camera! This is truly amazing:

  • The K-30 is the first mid-range DSLR to include a 100% coverage viewfinder and the lightest to do so.
  • The K-30 is the most affordable freeezeproof DSLR ever, improving upon the K200D which was the original and only weatherproof DSLR.
  • The K-30 also includes the Pentax Shake Reduction system which automatically corrects for tilted images, an incredibly advantageous feature which until now only exists among high-end Pentax DSLRs.
  • The K-30 is the cheapest DSLR to include dual control-dials.

This all new DSLR builds upon the highly acclaimed sensor of the K-5 and K-01 with the same reliable 77-segment metering sensor and an improved SAFOX IXi+ with a total of 11 AF points, of which 9 are cross-type. The sensor has a native sensitivity range of 100 to 12800, expandable to 25600. It can also shoot continuously at 6 FPS and record full 1080p HD video.

Pentax K-30

The organic design of the Pentax K-30 is ergonomically made to prove comfort, stability and accessibility of functions, returning to the traditional roots of Pentax after their stylistic experiment with the K-01. Despite is small size and light weight, the K-30 is extremely feature rich and generously covered in buttons for efficiency. It supports an IR remote and advanced modes including Automatic HDR, Time-Lapse Photography, Multiple Exposure and traditional Auto-Exposure Bracketing (AEB).

In another Pentax exclusivity, the K-30 supports both a proprietary Lithium-Ion battery or 4 standard AA batteries. According to the CIPA standard which includes 50% flash use, the K-30 can take up to 1000 shots using AAs. It can take up to 1600 shots without using the built-in flash.

The Pentax K-30 ships in July for a suggested retail price of $849 USD or $899 CDN. It it available for immediate pre-order at BH Photo.

Pentax K-30 Wet

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