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Pentax introudced today the Pentax DFA Macro 100mm F2.8 WR, a weather-resistant lens for Pentax SLR cameras, both digital and film. This lens adds to the already existing two weather-resistant zooms introduced near the K-7 to complete the most affordable weather-resistant DSLR system.

This is a prime lens with a fixed 100mm focal length and a bright F2.8 maximum aperture. Being a macro lens, it provides 1:1 magnification at 30cm focusing distance. It also features Pentax’ Super-Protect coating that repels water and grease. The construction of this lens is exceptional with a sturdy and light alluminum barrel.

Given its construction, it seems very close to a Pentax Limited lens. We shall see if it comes at Limited prices when Pentax announces pricing information.

Although this adds a lens to the Pentax line-up, keen observers will notice that very similar specifications apply to the older model by the same name, minus the WR. The older model uses a plastic barrel though, so clearly the emphasis is on durability. It may be easier to reuse the optical elements of previous designs than to design entirely new lenses.

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