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Pentax Canada just announced the Option W80, an ultra-compact digital camera featuring 12 megapixels a 5X wide-angle optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent).  This latest addition to the W-series of waterproof camera can be submerged down to 5m (15′) for up to two hours. In addition to beingaterproof, this digital camera is dustproof, coldproof and shockproof performance to falls from a height of 1m (3′). The Optio W80 should be available in July 2009 for a retail price of $379 CDN.

The W80 can also record 720p HD video, making it one of only three water-proof cameras to record HD video. Its exceptional non-protruding lens can take macros as close as 1cm from the lens, making it the closest-focusing waterproof camera, which is ideal for underwater macro-photography. The lens is protected by a specially formulated coating that repels water and grease, to keep it easily clean. Another trick up its sleave is automatic stitching of 2 images, called Digital Wide function by Pentax, to obtain a combined 21mm-equivalent angle of view. A number of new, optional special-purpose accessory are available with the W80, inclusing a floating wrist-strap to keep the camera floating and protector-jacket to shield the camera from scratches.

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