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Pentax has a teaser for the long awaited 645D. This is a medium format digital camera, very similar to a DSLR except with a much larger sensor. Even larger than a full-frame sensor seen on high end Canon, Nikon and Sony models. The larger sensor implies the use of a different lens mount than the K-series of Pentax DSLR, something that Pentax has in their medium-format film cameras. This is a tiny and very high-end market but given Pentax’s excellent legacy of lenses for that format, it is probably easier for them to go digital on medium format and on full-frame cameras where they have to compete with much bigger players.

Specifications have not been confirmed but hints point at a crop-factor compared to full-size medium format film (6cm x 4.5cm) and a 39 megapixels sensor. For several years in a row, Pentax has shown prototypes of the 645D. The final version could be slightly different but is certain to be a very polished product. A quick look shows a DSLR-like construction with a deep hand-grip and control layout extremely similar to the Pentax K-7.

Ergonomic improvements compared to a DSLR include a protruding viewfinder for added viewing comfort, a slanted status screen for improved visibility, a portrait-orientation tripod mount to keep the camera balanced and a dedicated mirror lockup button. Expected image performance is to have much higher resolution, low image noise, greater dynamic range and much shallower depth-of-field. The rumored price target is below $10,000 USD.

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One response to “Medium-Format Digital Pentax 645D Teaser”

  1. Itai says:

    It’s official now, almost all rumors were spot on. More details include a 40 megapixels sensor with 14-bit per channel read-out, dust-reduction, 11-point autofocus, 77-segment metering, built-in HDR capabilities, dual-SDHC memory slots and a 98% coverage optical viewfinder, which frankly for that price I expected a full 100%.



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