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Almost year ago, Peak Design unveiled the first revolutionary tripod design of the decade with a KickStarter campaign. The newly developed prototype realized an extremely compact form by reshaping components for the legs and ball-head so that they fold tightly to minimize empty space. As this new tripod gets ready ship, the global COVID-19 crisis emerged and so Peak Design decided to donate all profits from the first 4-days of sales for their new Travel Tripod.

The Peak Design Travel Tripod originally launched on Kickstarter in May 2019, raising over $12 millions from backers. Their truly innovative approach to tripod design achieved the most portable and easy-to-deploy tripod for all levels of photographers. Two price-points are offered with the lightest carbon-fiber model selling at $600 USD and a slightly heaver aluminum version for $350. Sales open starting April 7 at midnight pacific time.

Next week, from April 7 to 10, 100% of profits from purchases of the Peak Design Travel Tripod made online or at retailers worldwide,  will be donated to the CDC and Climate Neutral to help with the pandemic and climate change, respectively.

Peak Design is running a site-wide sale currently for those interested in their other unique products. Pre-order the  Travel Tripod here. Be sure to go over accessories for this unusual tripod as it comes with its down ballhead which is not replaceable without an adapter.

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