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A review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 with Firmware 2.0 was just published on Neocamera. Firmware 2.0 was released last month improving performance and noise-reduction at high-ISO.  This is an advanced compact camera with a complete set of manual controls and support for both external lighting via a hot-shoe and eye-level shooting thanks to an optional EVF.

Panasonic LX5

The LX5 is built around a 10 megapixels CCD behind a bright ultra-wide 24-90mm F/2-3.3 lens with image stabilization. The sensor has a full-resolution sensitivity range from 80-3200 plus reduced resolution ISO up to 12800. It is capable of 2.5 FPS shooting and 720p HD video capture as well. Read the Panasonic LX5 review to see find out how well  it performs.

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