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Olympus is taking its PEN family of mirrorless digital cameras to the next level, acquiring many of the features of their OM-D series. The all-new Olympus PEN F is the first PEN to offer a built-in EVF. The one here is a sizable 0.39″ panel with 2.4 megapixels and an Eye-Start sensor.

The PEN F is built around a 20 megapixels Four-Thirds sensor with a hybrid shutter that covers a timed shutter-speed range of 1/16000 to 60s. It can perform bulb exposures up to 30 minutes with Olympus’ unique Live-Bulb mode which shows an exposure as it develops. Paired with a fast processor, it can shoot continuously at 10 FPS for up to 45 JPEG images are 39 RAW files.  Full 1080p HD video at 60 FPS is also possible.

Olympus equipped the PEN F with dual control-dials and plenty of customizable controls. The feature set of this new mirrorless closely resembles the one of the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II reviewed here which includes built-in 5-axis image-stabilization and super-resolution capture, now up to 50 megapixels thanks to the new higher-resolution sensor.

The Olympus PEN F retains a rectangular compact body like its remaining family members and is not weather-sealed either, something which is available in the OM-D series.

Preorders for the PEN F are already accepted at Adorama and B&H Photo. The camera is expected to ship at the end of next month.

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