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After a bit of a teaser, Olympus revealed its new portrait lens for Micro Four-Thirds SLDs in the form of the M.Zuiko 75mm F/1.8 ED. The combination of a 75mm focal-length and a bright F/1.8 maximum aperture is very impressive considering the 150mm equivalent focal-length makes very flattering portraits at a comfortable shooting distance.

This high-grade prime lens is durably built with ED glass elements to minimize aberrations. It has a wide textured fly-by-wire manual focus ring for precise focusing.  The M.Zuiko 75mm F/1.8 also excepts 58mm for those who are into that sort of thing! This new lens may not look too small on the E-P3 but, at only 305g and 64mm diameter and 69mm length, it is. Comparatively, all bright prime lenses of a similar equivalent focal-length (135-180mm) weigh 2 to 3 times more and are significantly larger.

The M.Zuiko 75mm F/1.8 ED is scheduled to ship this summer for a suggested price of $899 USD or CDN. Be one of the first to own one by pre-ordering it from BH Photo. This saves you one but you wont be charged anything until your lens actually ships.

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