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Olympus E-3With its introduction of the E3 today, Olympus is continuing a trend that I really like: more affordable DSLR cameras with a 100% coverage viewfinder. In fact, the E-3 is now officially the cheapest DSLR with a 100% coverage viewfinder, beating the Nikon D300 by $101 USD.

At the same time they increased the size of their viewfinders by providing one with 1.15X magnification. Remember that magnification is relative to the sensor size and that, although this is 15% more than previous Olympus DSLR models, this new viewfinder is not enormous compared to DSLR cameras with larger sensors. See Neocamera’s DSLR Viewfinder Sizes feature article for details. Look at the Effective Size column to compare size in absolute terms.

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