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To finish the year of reviews, Neocamera recently published two more Olympus reviews. The E-620 is their full-featured but relatively compact DSLR and the Stylus 7010 which is an ultra-compact digital camera with a 7X wide-angle optical zoom lens.

The E-620 detailed review is an interesting update to the previously published review summary as it follows the Olympus E-P1 which has an extremely similar feature set but in Micro Four-Thirds mirror-less format. This format features interchangeable lenses without the reflex viewfinder which is characteristic of DSLR cameras. Our detailed review goes through all the differences in terms of usability and performance between the E-620 and E-P1.  Regular readers will probably know that the E-620 is a well-rated Four-Thirds DSLR.

The Stylus 7010 is a very slim camera which packs a very interesting 28-196mm 7X zoom lens with image stabilization. It features a trans-reflective 2.7″ LCD which is designed for outstanding outdoor visibility, something which is essential in an ultra-compact camera since optical viewfinders are extremely rare in this form-factor. Feature-wise the Olympus Stylus 7010 is strictly a point-and-shoot camera with interesting panorama modes that can stitch small panoramas directly in the camera or align full-resolution panoramas up to 26 images taken in any direction.

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