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Nikon unveiled their latest high-resolution full-frame DSLR, saying goodbye for good to anti-alias filtering. The all new Nikon D810 replaces both D800E and D800 which only differed between them by the use an anti-alias filter. The D810 boasts an improved 36 megapixels sensor with better micro-lenses and lower base-sensitivity of ISO 64 and also reaches 12800 natively. Expanded ISO takes this down to an unprecedented ISO 32 all the way to 51200.

Nikon D810

Neocamera already reviewed the excellent D800 and the  Nikon D810 adds a number of improvements beyond its new sensitivity range. Now powered by an EXPEED 4 processor, the D810 is 25% faster than its predecessor. Reaching up to 5 FPS continuous drive at full-resolution and capturing full 1080p HD video at 60 FPS while simultaneously recording compressed video to a memory-card and uncompressed output via HDMI.

There is a new 91K pixels 3D Matrix III metering sensor which introduces Highlight-Weighed Metering. This promises to greatly reduce clipping of highlights. Image parameters are now adjustable in 25 steps and expanded to include a Clarity setting which controls the tone-curve of mid-tones. A new Flat color-rendering produces images which capture a greater dynamic-range than previously possible.

The new Nikon D810 will be available next month for $3299 USD or $3499 CDN. Amazon and Best Buy are already accepting pre-orders in the US. International buyers can preorder from B&H Photo or Adorama.

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