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The new Nikon 1 J2 is an updated version of the J1 launched along with the Nikon 1 system. The J2 shares most specifications with its predecessor except for a sharper screen with twice the resolution and a lower price tag designed to make the Nikon 1 system more affordable. Along with the new 920K pixel 3″ LCD, the Nikon 1 J2 keeps a 10 megapixels CMOS sensor with ultra-fast phase-detect autofocus built-in and blazing 60 FPS continuous drive as well as a top shutter-speed of 1/16000s (yes, sixteen thousandths), which is beyond what any DSLR and most cameras can do.

Nikon 1 J2

Along with the J2, Nikon is launching a new lightweight zoom lens, the Nikkor 11-27.5mm F/3.5-5.6. This highly compact lens measures only 31mm when collapsed and is equivalent to a 29-74mm lens in 35mm-equivalent terms. This is very close to the focal-length equivalence of most kit-lenses.

The Nikon 1 J2 and Nikkor 11-27.5mm F/3.5-5.6 will be both available in September for $549 USD or $599 CDN and $189 USD or $199 CDN, respectively. Both body and lens will be released in 6 colors: white, black, silver, red, orange and pink. There will also be a waterproof casing suitable to underwater depths of 40mm for $799 CDN released around the same time frame.

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