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Nikon just announced that the Nikkor 32mm F/1.2 will soon become available. This ultra-bright lens, designed for the 1 system of mirrorless cameras, offers an equivalent 86mm on full-frame and a very shallow depth-of-field which is perfect for portraits. The 32mm F/1.2 becomes the brightest native lens available for any mirrorless system.

Nikkor 1 32mm F/1.2

The Nikkor 32mm F/1.2 becomes the very first mirrorless lens to incorporate Nikon’s own SWM ultra-sonic autofocus motor. This type of AF motor is ultra-quiet and very fast. A true manual focus-ring offers quick-shift manual focus without switching the camera away from AF-mode.

This new lens is schedule to appear in the second half of next month for a suggested price of $899 USD or $949 CDN. B&H Photo and Adorama are already accepting pre-orders and ship domestically and internationally. Canadian customers can take advantage of pre-paid custom clearance on most items from these two reputable vendors.

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