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Nikon just unveiled their latest full-frame DSLR as an updated version of the already excellent D600 reviewed here. The new Nikon D610 features the same 24 megapixels FX-format sensor and large 100% coverage viewfinder with 0.7X magnification in a professionally weather-sealed body with an all-new shutter-mechanism. This shutter drive can sustain 6 FPS and offers a unique quiet continuous drive at 3 FPS, allowing the D610 to capture action in even more places than other DSLRs.

Nikon D610

Like the D600 before it, the D610 is being launched at a suggested retail price of $2000 USD, making it among the least expensive full-frame cameras on the market. Even at this relatively affordable price, this new DSLR keeps offering top features and, above all, the outstanding image-quality of a full-frame DSLR. With a native ISO sensitivity range of 100 – 6400, expandable to 50 – 25600 and a shutter-speed range of 1/4000 – 30s, the D610 can shoot a variety of subjects in virtually any conditions.

Expect even higher image-quality from the D610 than the D600 with an enhanced white-balance system to preserve natural colors in difficult lighting conditions. The sensor’s large pixels compared to most full-frame DSLRs still means that the D610 should provide exceptional dynamic-range.

The Nikon D610 is a feature-rich DSLR with the usual full manual-controls, plus plenty of advanced features, including bracketing for exposure, flash and Adaptive D-Lighting. Its dual control-dials and high number of external controls make it efficient to use.

Nikon D610

This camera is touted as an HD-DSLR, emphasizing its advanced video features. It can capture full 1080p HD video at 30 FPS with stereo sound from its internal microphone or an external audio input. It offers cropped-mode to capture full HD with a longer effective focal-length without compromising resolution. It can also produce HD video from a time-lapse sequence right in-camera.

The Nikon D610 is expected to be available this month for $2000 USD or $2100 CDN. Amazon is already accepting pre-orders, as are B&H Photo and Adorama which both ship internationally.

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