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Two months to the day after Nikon launched the D5200 in Europe, Nikon USA and Nikon Canada have issued press releases for this model which everyone already know about. In the day of the internet where information is global, it is still baffling why a company would do that. Nevertheless, this means you can now order a Nikon D5200 from local retailers.

Nikon D5200

For those who did miss the original announcement, the D5200 brings a 24 MP CMOS sensor to the mid-range and augments it with an impressive 39-point autofocus system of semi-professional level, which is actually one of Nikon’s big strengths among DSLRs. This gives a much more significant advantage for the D5200 over the D3200 whereas the D5100 and D3100 were quite similar.

The Nikon D5200 is expected to arrive this month for $899 USD or $929 CDN including a Nikkor 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 VR kit lens.

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