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Today Nikon is celebrating the production of their 100 millionth Nikkor lens! This happened just i the middle of this month (July) with production expected to grow due to the tremendous popularity of Nikkor lenses. Nikon has been pushing the envelope with the development of new optical technology such as Phase Fresnel and Nano Crystal Coating.

Nikkor AF-S 105mm F/1.4E ED

To emphasize their achievement, Nikon is launching today the Nikkor AF-S 105mm F/1.4E ED which is one of the brightest 105mm lens and the first with autofocus and compatible with DSLRs. This ultra-bright short telephoto lens will offer razor-thin depth-of-field and beautiful bokeh thanks to a 9-blase aperture. Its lens elements are coated with the Nano Crystal Coat to minimize flare. This lens would make an ideal match for portrait photography when used on a full-frame DSLR.

The new Nikkor 105mm F/.14E is built to professional quality with a sturdy weatherproof body and internal focusing system driven by a fast and quiet ultra-sonic motor. A switch allows to override AF to MF right on the lens which also enjoys DMF, also known as Full-Time Manual Focus. The lens is remarkably compact considering its specifications with a length of 106mm and diameter of 95mm. It is relatively heavy though at 985g.

The Nikkor 105mm F/1.4E is expected to be available at the end of next month  for a suggest price of $2200 USD or $2800 CDN. Adorama and B&H Photo are already accepting preorders. B&H Photo also offers free shipping to Canada at this time for most items above $99 USD, which obviously includes this lens.

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