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Yesterday, Nikon revealed a new full-frame DSLR specialized for astrophotography. The Nikon D810A nearly identical to the excellent D810 reviewed here expect that its color-filter has been optimized to allow transmission of the hydrogen alpha spectral line, resulting in four times greater sensitivity of the 656nm wavelength.

Nikon D810A

This full-frame DSLR features a 36 megapixels CMOS sensor without anti-alias filter. It has huge sensitivity range which has been optimized between ISO 200 and 12,800 with expansion up to 51200. Along with the new IR filter, the D810A gains timed long exposures up to 900s or 15 minutes. This also comes with an Exposure Preview mode which has never been implemented before on a DSLR.

The Nikon D810E is scheduled to be available in May for a price of $3799 USD or $4449 CDN. Both B&H Photo and Adorama are already accepting pre-orders. There has never been a specialized full-frame for astrophotography, so pre-orders yours quickly!

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