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Read the detailed Nikon D800 review to find out how this 36 megapixels full-frame DSLR performs. This digital camera remains the highest-resolution DSLR ever produced and its extraordinary resolution puts it into Medium-Format territory. At the same time, Nikon equipped the D800 with every professional feature expected of a modern high-end product. This includes a large 100% coverage viewfinder with built-in shutter, dual-control dials, hot-shoe, sync-port all in a sturdy weather-sealed body.

Nikon D800

The Nikon D800 is capable of producing some superb images. There are plenty of full-resolution examples in the image gallery included in its review. As usual, crops of every ISO from controlled indoor tests is included . This time, there are two versions of the comparison, one at full resolution and one normalized at 24 MP against the Nikon D600 reviewed here to compare the performance relative to a fixed output size.

Start reading the Nikon D800 review from the beginning here.

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