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Neocamera just published a review of the Nikon D7100. The D7100 is Nikon’s newest flagship DSLR with an APS-C sensor. Following from their highly-acclaimed D7000 reviewed here, this one upgrades the sensor to 24 megapixels from 16 and the autofocus sensor to 51 points from 39.

Nikon D7100

The D7100 is also Nikon’s first APS-C DSLR without an anti-alias filter and, unlike the D800E, there is no variant of the D7100 with an anti-alias filter. This gives it an edge over the entry-level D5200 and D3200 which also sport 24 megapixels sensors. Of course, the D7100 is a much higher-end camera with a 100% coverage viewfinder and dual control-dials in a sturdy weather-sealed body.

The just published review takes a close look at the D7100 and highlight differences between it and the D7000 for those considering to upgrade. As the higher resolution is not necessary for everyone, there are two sets of images crops for comparison of performance across the ISO range. The normal full-resolution (100%) crops shows noise-levels as the come out of the camera while the comparative ones are scaled down to 16 megapixels before cropping to compare ISO performance at equal-resolution. This obviously resamples details so is less comparable in terms of sharpness.

Read the review to find out how it performs and compares to recent APS-C DSLRs and its predecessor.

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