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A review of Nikon D3x, the flagship full-frame DSLR was just published on Neocamera. This is a full-size DSLR with integrated vertical grip aimed at professional photographers. It is built like a tank and features a 25 megapixels sensor capable of ISO 50-6400 at 5 FPS. The D3X is filled with tons of high-end features like a 100% coverage viewfinder with built-in shutter, a weather-sealed body and a large number of external controls. Read the review see how it compares.

First impressions from the D3x are certainly about its size and even got tired from carrying it at the end of the first day of shooting. It only takes a few to get used to it and feel completely natural with such a large camera. It certainly attracts attention in public though plus frequent requests like ‘Well, I’m not equipped like you but could you take a picture of me?’ or ‘I’ve never seen one. Can I hold it? Just to tell my friends!’.

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