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Nikon D700Just a few days behind the Nikon USA announcement, Nikon slates the D700’s Canadian debut for August 2008. Pricing was not announced yet though. This is their second full-frame DSLR after the D3. While the D700 resembles the D300 more than the D3, the D700 is far more similar to the D3 internally.

The Nikon D700 is now the only full-frame DSLR other than the 3 year-old Canon EOS 5D to have a relatively compact body with only the standard landscape-orientation grip. This makes the D700 considerably smaller than the D3. Obviously being similar to a Nikon D300 in size, this is not a small DSLR, it is just that most full-frame DSLRs are huge.

Another similarity with the Canon 5D is that the 5D and D700 are the only 2 full-frame DSLRs to feature a cropped viewfinder rather than a 100% coverage viewfinder. This seems to be the only glitch in the D700’s specification which puts Nikon in the strange position of having a lower-cost camera with a 100% coverage viewfinder in the form of the D300. Hopefully, a D700 follow up will correct this shortcoming.

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