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The new top of the line for the S-series of Coolpix digital cameras is the S8000.  This is a compact ultra-zoom with a wide 10X optical zoom lens, equivalent to 30-300mm. It features one of those new 14 megapixels CCDs and a 3″ LCD with 920k pixels, something which is normally only found on newer DSLRs.  This digital camera also records HD movies at 1280×720 @ 30 FPS, aka 720p. Like all S-series, this one is a point-and-shoot model with a full array of scene modes that runs on a proprietary lithium-ion battery and uses SD or SDHC memory cards. It is scheduled to ship later this month for $299 USD or $339 CDN.

Right under the S8000 is the Nikon Coolpix S6000 which boasts the same sensor behind a different lens. The S6000 has a 7X optical zoom range, equivalent to 28-196mm, making it just a little wider than its sibling.  This one also has a more typical LCD with 230k pixels and measuring 2.7″ diagonally. This one too features HD 720p video and HDMI output. The S6000 is said to have an extremely fast startup time of 0.75s. It ships in limited quantifies next month for $239 USD or $279 CDN.

The Nikon Coolpix S4000 is an ultra-compact based around a 3.5″ touchscreen with 460k pixels which should be plenty sharp for its size. This digital camera is built around a 12 megapixels sensor a 4X wide-angle optical zoom lens, equivalent to 27-108mm. Despite the shorter range, this one features the widest angle coverage among its siblings. It can also record 720p video and ships next month for $199 USD or CDN (Yes, the same figure. I don’t know why. It just says so in the press release).

The new entry-level S-series is the Nikon Coolpix S3000.  Like the S4000, it features a 12 megapixels sensor and 4X wide-angle opical zoom starting at 27mm. This one through features a conventional 2.7″ LCD with 230k pixels. Unlike its siblings this one does not record 720p  but VGA-resolution video instead. The S3000 is fully point-and-shoot, uses a lithium-ion battery and SD or SDHC memory cards. It is scheduled to be available next month for $149 USD or $169 CDN.

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