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Simultaneously with the D3200, Nikon launched an all-new full-frame wide-angle lens with a bright aperture. The Nikkor AF-S 28mm F/1.8G has a built-in super-sonic autofocus motor which allows quick-shift manual focus and works with the entire lineup of Nikon DSLRs.

On a cropped-sensor (DX) camera, the AF-S 28mm F/1.8 gives a field-of-view equivalent to 42mm which is close to a normal lens and gives a natural perspective. The bright maximum aperture of F/1.8 lets backgrounds be thrown completely out of focus to isolate the foreground.

According to its G designation, this is a pro-grade lens suitable with high-quality optical elements including 2 aspherical elements and Nikon’s Nano Crystal Coating to minimize internal reflection and increase resistance to flare.

The AF-S 28mm F/1.8G is scheduled to be available next month for $699 USD or $749 CDN.

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