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Today Nikon unveiled the first portrait lens for the Nikon 1 system of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. With an equivalent focal-length of 50mm, the new Nikkor 18.5mm F/1.8 offers a bright aperture to gather plenty of light and throw backgrounds out of focus with beautiful bokeh.

The 50mm-equivalent field-of-view renders subject with a natural perspective which is perfect for candid portraits. Combined with an unobtrusive SLD like the Nikon 1 V1 or recently launched J2, the 18.5mm lens makes a lightweight package for people photography. This new lens provides a silent rear-focusing system and an aperture range of F/1.8 to F/16. It features a 7 rounded-blade iris to blur backgrounds softly.

Nikkor 18.5mm F/1.8

The Nikkor 1 18.5mm F/1.8 is expected to ship this Novemeber for $189 USD or $199 CDN.

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