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Venus Optics just announced the first Super-Macro lens designed exclusively for digital cameras with an APS-C sensor. This allows them to design smaller and much lighter lens due to the smaller imaging circle required. A Super-Macro is capable of magnifying larger-than-life compared to the 1:1 magnification ratio of a standard Macro lens.

Venus Laowa 65mm F/2.8 2X Macro

The new Laowa 65mm F/2.8 2X Macro is a short telephoto lens – equivalent to 100mm on a Full-Frame – that can achieve 2:1 magnification at a focal-distance of 17cm. Venus Optics manufactures this lens for Fuji X-mount, Sony E-mount and Canon M-mount, taking further advantage of the short flange-distance of these mirrorless mounts to make a lens which weighs just 335g.

Optics in the Laowa 65mm F/2.8 2X Macro include APO elements that eliminate chromatic aberrations. The internal focus system allows this lens to maintain its length throughout its focus-range. Its bright F/2.8 maximum aperture can be stopped down to F/22 to extend depth-of-field, while rendering smooth bokeh using a 9-blade aperture. The APO elements minimize color-fringing around bokeh.

This new macro is is immediately available and will be sold at authorized retailers shortly with a suggested price of $400 USD. It can also be ordered directly from Venus Optics. Full details on each lens are available at Neocamera:

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