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It has been a few weeks since my return from an 80-day journey around the world and I have managed to sort through slightly more than half of all the photographs taken. During a course of 80 days (minus several taken by flights alone), a little over 4000 photos were taken.

Fernando de Noronha

The first four countries visited were Brazil, Portugal, Czechia and the UAE. Among those, the only lengthy stay was a month in Brazil, followed by 1, 2 and 3 days for Lisbon, Dubai and Prague respectively. Brazil is an enormous country and the time barely sufficed to cover the entire central coast, from Ilha Grande (South end) to Recife (North end), plus Fernando de Noronha (Pictured above), definitely one of the highlights of the round-the-world trip.

The entire gallery of Brazil travel photography is now available for viewing. Half of it is devoted to the famous and absolutely spectacular Carnaval de Rio. It is a must-do experience like to other!

Skipping over the barely-one-day stop in Lisbon, the next stop was Prague. This central European city, capital of the former Czech Republic and previously Republic of Bohemia, is rich in history which has been meticulously preserved. The city is split between the largest castle in the world and the historical old town, with the Vltava river separating them. A fine-art photography gallery of Prague was published at Neoluminance.


Dubai was used as the jumping point into Africa with a day on either side of visiting the lower continent. It is a huge metropolis that fuse futuristic and arabesque styles to create one of the most unique city in the world, right at the edge of the desert. Even with such a short stay, Dubai is quite photogenic when the sun goes down as can be seen in the Dubai Travel Photography Gallery published earlier this week.

Stay tuned for the second half of the Round The World tour as it continued through Africa and Asia.

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