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Neocamera just added instant quick filtering of camera and lenses for their most common features. On all camera and lens listing pages, there is now a set of quick filtering icons to only show cameras or lenses matching those features. These new filters look like this:

Using these filters is easy and truly instantaneous. Turn on any filter by clicking on it to only show products with that feature. Click again to restore the hidden cameras or lenses. A filter is only available when the entire list does not all have it. Selecting a feature which is logically impossible with an already selected feature, resets the previous selection. That way, filtering for Fisheye lenses resets filtering for Rectilinear lenses. It is still possible to filter out everything which shows an empty list. Just unselect a filter or reload the page to reset everything.

Try it out with Mirrorless Digital Cameras or Micro Four-Thirds Lenses. There are numerous combinations to help narrow down cameras or lenses. Remember that our Camera Search Engine and Lens Search Engine have a huge number of search criteria and refinement options to find something very specific.

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