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For all those who cannot find a camera with a built-in GPS that suits their needs and would still like to Geo-Tag their images, the gps4cam app provides this service using an iPhone. It works using the built-in GPS only, no internet connection is required and the GPS path is encoded as a QR code to get the location data right of of the iPhone in the time it takes to snap a photo. This brilliantly simple app is avalable from Apple’s iPhone App Store.

[Unedited Press Release Below]

GPS4CAM 6 – New Version Of Geotagging App For All Cameras

Paris – app4cam announced today the latest update of their flagship iPhone app gps4cam, the app that brings geotagging to all cameras. Without using any internet connection, gps4cam adds the location to any picture format from any digital camera, in an intuitive way.

“We believe that the essence of photography lies in keeping memories, and that’s what gps4cam is all about.” said Michael Diguet, the creator of gps4cam. The app allows photographers to add the exact location to their pictures, so the user can manage them on a map with software like iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom. “I had the idea of gps4cam when I was watching an old family photo album. I asked my mother where the pictures had been taken, but unfortunately she couldn’t remember all locations” said Diguet.

When the app is activated, gps4cam records where the user is and at what moment. This information is contained in a QR Code.

gps4cam is the first app that uses this technique to geotag pictures. “The use of the QR Code constitutes the big difference with other geotag apps. It allows to keep the iPhone offline, to synchronize automatically the iPhone clock with the camera’s clock and moreover, after shooting the QR Code, all the information is where it is needed: in your camera” said Diguet.

“This is already the sixth version of gps4cam. Although we’ve had very positive feedback from clients and the press on the previous versions, we couldn’t resist improving the app.” said Martijn Verpaalen, the designer of the app. This last version is easier to use thanks to a guided tour and an integrated FAQ. The energy use of the app was also improved and a new feature was added: “we made it possible to date pictures with the iPhone data, which allows users to have the exact creation date on their pictures without changing the clock information of their camera” said Diguet.

gps4cam is now available for $2.99 in the U.S.A and is priced accordingly in other regions. gps4cam is available world-wide from Apple’s App Store for iPhone 3G, 3Gs and 4.

Please visit for more information about the app, including a video and screenshots of the app.

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